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March 13, 2013
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KGFM: Market management intern joins team in 2013 From'page 1 she returns home from Virginia Tech at the end of the semester. What an exciting and wonderful journey we have all shared for the past four years! From its inception in 2009, our tiny market has set it- self apart from its peers through its friendliness anff remarkable com- munity spirit. Blazing to glory in 2010 as one of four national win- ners in America's Favorite Farmers Market contest, we have shared so much joy as a community. The market's monthly Commu- nity Days included more than 30 local civic and municipal organiza- tions last year -- weaving together a tremendous web of informa- tion, resources and support for the 15,000-plus shoppers who came to the market in 2012. Vegucation Station offered shoppers a bounty of fresh food "how-to" wisdom and the market's "Fields to Table" Cookbook, and canning and other classes kept the wise ways of our old-timers alive and well. Our $10 for 10 Weeks shoppers' incentive and annual Feast in the Field gave farmers and commu- nity members the opportunity to socialize outside of the market and strengthened our growing commu- nity even more. Our SNAP/EBT (food stamps) and credit card token programs have brought scores of new shop- pers to the market -- including many low-income families who might otherwise never have been able to purchase our fantastic of- ferings of fruit and vegetables. In 2012, this essential program gener- ated over $15,400 in new revenue for our farmers, more than dou- bling our 2011 token sales. King George's brand new Farm- to-School event last fall proved so successful that Virginia Farm Bureau recently ran a news piece about it on the "Real Virginia" show on cable TV. Check it out online: alVirginia.aspx. Farm-to-School 2013 promises to bring even more fresh, locally grown produce into all five school cafeterias. It has been an honor and my pleasure to serve my community by helping King George Farmers' Mar- ket grow in these many wonderful ways. Long may it continue! We are so blessed to have the fin- est locally grown foods available to us through KGFM. Many thanks to Mr. Monroe and KGES for host- ing the market and to all members of the community who have con- tributed to "the market's success. Kifig George Farmers Market is the "neighborhood" many in the county had long yearned for--King George is a better place with the market as a resource for us all. As always, I look forward to see- ing you all at the market real soon. HELP Center: Project FAITH is seeking CDBG funding From page 1 for other uses for it that would pro- vide tax revenue to the county. Hol- mes stated, '[As I see it, the highest beneficiaries to the Project Faith land give-away are the paid execu- tive officers of Project Faith." PROJECT FAITH'S PROJECTS Project FAITH, Inc., is a chari- table housing organization classi- fied under IRS regulations as a 501 (c) promoting safe, affordable and accessible housing for persons with disabilities and elder individuals of low-incomes. It has built and op- erates three phases of Angelwood, which includes 80 multi-family dwellings. Angelwood is located on the north side of Route 3 (Kings Highway) to the east of Union Bank The Journal was given a copy of Project FAITH's 2008 990EZ Inter- nal Revenue Service filing for tax- exempt organizations filed in No- vember 2009. Such filings state on them that they are, "Open To Public Inspection:' In that, Wardlaw is listed as the only employee at the time, at a sal- ary of $50,000. In a recent staffing document provided to the county as part of the proposed grant application, a second employee is named as of- rice/property manager with a length of service of six years. No salary is provided. KING GEORGE Sheriff's report r FEB. 19 Nuckols, Leonard Eugene Jr. - Contempt of Court FEB. 20 Oliver, Ernest Lenzy- Assault and Battery Goodeill, Savanna Blake - Reck- less - Fail to Yield Morales, Augusto Eric II - Re- vocation of Suspended Sentence and Probation, lail to Appear on Misdemeanor Charge FEB. 27 Dobrzykowski, Amy E!isabeth - Assault and Battery Police-Fire- Rescue FEB.21 Johnston, Rebecca Elena- Drink- ing While Operating a Motor Vehicle, Driving Under the Influence FEB. 22 Medley, Michael Eugene - Sen- tenced to Local Community Based Probation FEB. 23 "Huffman, Britney Monique - Fail to Appear on Misdemeanor Charge FEB. 24 Brown, Tyana Nichol - Violate Stalking Protective Order FEB. 25 Shahan, Courtney Elizabeth - Driving Under the Influence Means, Westley Matthew- Driv- ing After Forfeiture of License Hall-Solt, Carrie Nicole - Drive While Suspended Pierce, Jereamy Jamaine - Tres- passing FEB. 26 Johnson, Lewis Bernard Jr. - As- sault and Battery Family Member Johnson, Erica Mae - Driving Un- der the Influence, Refusal of Tests and Procedures, Drive While Suspended FEB. 28 Morales, Augusto Eric - Revo- cation of Suspended Sentence and Probation Billie, Eric Bushawn - Fail to Appear on Felony Charge Titsworth, Kyle Anthony - Driving Under the Influence, Re- fusal of Tests and Procedures Simpson, Brett Christopher - Profane-Threatening Language Over Public Airway, Trespassing, Obstructing Justice, Possession of Controlled Substances MARCH 1 Johnson, Harold Edwin Jr. - Drive While Suspended Brown, Herbert Bryon - Oper- ate a Motor Vehicle as Habitual Of- fender 2 nd Subsequent Offense MARCH 2 Coleman, Melvin Alonzo - Re- vocation of License for Multi Con- viction DWI, Operate a Motor Ve- hicle as Habitual Offender, Driving Under the Influence MARCH 3 Epps, Akiva Cooper - Revoca- tion of Suspended Sentence and Probation KG Army vet works to build Irish memorial RICHARD LEGGITT A King George Army veteran who served in Vietnam has become one of the leaders in a proj- ect to build a memorial in Ireland to Irish citizens who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. mili- tary during the Vietnam War. Matthew Carroll is working with the Irish Vet- "eran's Memorial Project to honor the 29 men and one woman who were Irish citizens but served with American forces in Vietnam and were killed. The project hopes to unveil the new memorial in Ireland this year on Nov. 11, Veteran's Day. "We're making progress. We are going to get this done" said Carroll, a disabled veteran who is a di- rector of the project. Carroll said he first become aware of foreign citizens serving in the U.S. Armed Forces while he was a soldier in Vietnam with the 1st Infantry Division in 1967 and 1968. "There were thousands of Irish citizens who had immigrated to America but were not yet Ameri- can citizens who were drafted," Carroll said. "Ev- ery young man in America was required to sign up for the draft whether he was a citizen or not." Carroll said the 29 slain Irish veterans are listed on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, includ- ing 2nd Lt. Pamela Donovan of Dublin who vol- unteered for the Army Nurse Corps and was killed on July 8, 1968, at the age of 26. "These were Irish immigrants who were not U.S. citizens, but who made sacrifices for our country" Carroll said. "We want the Irish people to know of their sacrifices and that is why we are going to build this memorial" Carroll has made 15 trips to Ireland and has been working on the memorial project for almost four years. He said officials have reached agree- ment with local officials in Ennis in County Clare for the construction of the memorial but still need to approve a design and complete their efforts to raise as much as $300,000 for the construction of the memorial. Park: Bid awards delayed on proposed Purkins Corner park From page 1 equipping the park, including instal- park is a nice thing, not necessarily a at the location of the former county struction pricing volaile. Some of the additive items might be bid sepa- rately in the future. Quesenberry sug- gested that if the board goes forward with the project this season, it should include the base bid along with addi- tive item #1, which includes the ir- rigations lines. The base bid includes actual con- struction of the park with grass sprigs planted, construction of a sealed parking lot, service road from Henry Griffin Road to the wastewater treat- ment plant, storm sewer and storm water management basins, concrete and asphalt walkways, and erosion and sediment coiatrol measures. Additive item #1 - $91,0,00 - for well construction, along with irriga- tion lines and water reel. Additive item #2 - $80,000 - for lation of baseball infield, pitcher's mound and rubber bases, foul plate, field markings, foul poles, chain link fencing, dugouts with benches and trash receptacles, soccer goals, cor- ner flags and bleachers. Additive item #3 - $77,000 - for substituting Bermuda sod for the Bermuda sprigging contained in the base bid. Additive item #4 - $25,000 - for 6-foot wide stone trails to be installed per plans. Additive item #5 - $175,000 - for water and sewer lines, sanitary force main and all associated appurte- nances. Supervisors directed Quesenberry to see if the low bidder would be willing to extend the length of time on the bid price, which is April 27. Supervisor Ruby Brabo said, "The necessity." She suggested waiting on a decision until after the upcoming 2013-14 budget is decided and while reviewing the upcoming requests for the next five-year capital projects program. There was some consensus around that idea, but no action was taken, until the requested informa- tion is available. Also, at a budget meeting two days later, on March 7, the topic came up peripherally, with a question about whether there were any additional capital funds available for the park project. The answer to that question is expected at an upcoming meeting. LOCATION The location for the planned park is near the center of the county. It's to be constructed at Purkins Corner in the Shiloh district on a 33-acre site landfill. Access will be from Henry Griffin Road, on the east side of Ridge Road (Route 205). The site is adjacent to the King George YMCA property, with a county administration complex nearby. A county trash convenience center is also nearby. The former trash convenience center has recent- ly been relocated to the south side of Henry Griffin Road. The park location is the site of the county's former landfill, which was the first municipal solid waste site in the state to have all its waste removed and to achieve "Clean Clo- sure" status from the Virginia De- partment of Environmental Quality (DEQ) back in August 2007. In July 2008 DEQ also terminated the re- quirement for any post closure care or monitoring. Stratford Hall event will honor Women's History Month RICHARD LEGGITT Stratford Hall, the home of the Lees of Virginia and the birthplace of Robert E. Lee, will offer a window into history Saturday, March 16 The 18th century plantation in Westmo- reland County will host a special program in honor of women's his- tory month. Visitors to the 1,900 acre plan- tation built by Thomas Lee in the 1730s will be treated to a series of skits based on historical documen- tation as costumed living history presenters highlight the personal choices the Lee women had to navi- gate as they helped work and man- age the estate. According to Stratford Hall, at the time of the American Revolu- tion '[American women, like their European sisters, were clearly an oppressed group. They were gener- ally uneducated and usually had no financial resources of their own. If they earned income, they rarely had any control over it:' "Married women were legally dominated by their husbands and were completely dependant upon them" according to Jon Bachman of Stratford Hall. "Middle and upper class women enjoyed material comfort, but were confined and restricted at every turn by rigid social codes and the sexual double standard. Most important of all, women had no political rights, could not run for office and were not allowed to vote." At Saturday's event, guests will be taken back to March 1776 as prepa- rations begin for the sale of the es- tate of Col. Philip Ludwell Lee. Lee died unexpectedly without leaving a will and the Westmoreland County Court assigned executors to settle his estate. Bachman said living presenters, interpreters from the George Wash- ington Young Friends organiza- tion, will portray Col. Lees brother, Thomas Ludwell, and his wife, Mary, and Col. John Augustine Washing- ton, and his wife, Hannah, as they help Col. Lees wife, Elizabeth, pre- pare for the estate sale. The portrayals will offer unique insights into the lives of 18th centu- ry women as they sot. through fam- ily documents, share memories and discuss changing roles and lifestyles. Tickets for the event, which is sched- uled from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., are available for $10 ($5 each for groups of three or more). Pre-registration is suggested, but not required. Honor roll KING GEORGE MIDDLE SCHOOL SECOND QUARTER 8TH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Heather Albert, Jordan Ale),, Treshawn 'Allen, Robert An- drews, Shayla Bailey, Shannon Baxter, Kortney Beck, Dalton Byram, Eric Davis, Kaylynn De- Bernard, Rachel Edwards, Kend- all Grinnage, Zy Hanrahan, Mat- thew Hollowell, Logan Howard, Abigail Jones, Micaela Madison, Gareth Merryman, Alexander Morgan, Paula Morgan, Hannah Morris, Sally Owen, Tiara Parker, Candice Phillips, Devin Reeves, Kassidy Reiss, Franklin Rinko, Samuel Ryland, Emily Seay, Ryan Sivak, William Stevenson, Jaclynn Truxon, Jonnae Usher, Anh Vu, Kendell Webb, Grace Wisslead, Anthony Wood, Bryan Yowler. A/B HONOR ROLL Dalton Adams, Alexa An- drews, Brooke Ayres, Elisabeth Ball, Kylleighan Barlup, Justin Barnes, Juan Benavidez, Hayley Bland, Noah Blomberg, Nathan Brancheau, Jacob Brown, Riley Brown, Meagan Burrell, Lindsey Carabin, Elijah Collingwood, Danielle Cooper, Jonathan Cor- nell, Cameron Cowan, Samuel Cropper, Caitlyn Crossman, Marcus Cushman, Kylee Daw- son, Raven Dudley, Shelbi Emiro, Raven Fosburgh, Rynan Garner, Kyree Garrett, Arianne Green, Jaden Hickey, Parker Holland, Ingrid Horta, Nicholas Jackson, Cynthia Jeffers, Josiah Johnson, Stephen Klopp, Summer Knop, Madelyn Koban, Logan Kraisser, Jared Kuchera, Elijah Kyle, Bri- anna Leal, Christopher LeVere, Matthew Macaluso, Olivia Mar- tin, Thomas Melton, Lily Merrig- an, Jeremy Miller, Ashley Mobley, Hunter Moison, Garry Moore III, Sidney Mrotek, Emma Pallotti, Kaela Patterson, James Peed, Anna Pelto, Maddison Perkins, Chrisney Pettit, Mary Phillips, Hongtavanh Phouminh, Crim- son Piazza, Ruby Pliego, Allison Powell, Daniela Reyes, Kendall Rhodes, Katelyn Ritenour, Niko- las Rivera, Faith Roberson, Me- gan Robertson, Garrett Robey, Riley Sawdy, Kelsey Sevart, Han- nah Shaw, Cralida Staton, Anna Tanner, Logan Taylor, Dylan Teaford, Chloe Thompson, Ma- kayla Ward, Kylie Webb, Jessica Whitaker, Isaiah White, Andrea Wine, Michael Wolfe J.r., Anna Wolford, Austin Worth, Kaylee Wright. Kyle Henderson, Samuel Johnson, Nicholas Kavlick, Kyle Knepshield, Christian Lugo, Alyssa Nease, Justis Peppers, Shawna Pfohl, Trinity Poole, Nolan Prince, Ryan Roane, Zachary Rose, Mayci Shortt, Bren- ton Tate, Kaila Tibbs. 7TH GRADE DISTINGUISHED HONOR ROLL Elimma Aguolu, Erin Baker, Ben- jamin Bibel, Jarrod Brem, Hunter Burton, Kyndall Carey, Kimberly Corbett, David Dale, Morgan Dal- ton, James Darcy, Molly Desque, William English, Leona Gaither, William German, Patrick Graves, Briana Green, Michael Green, Mor- gan Griffith, Anna Hall, Lindsey Hall, Michael Hall, Helena Harper, Caitlin Harr, Peregrine Hayward, Emma Headley, Tamara Jett, Alex- andra Knoke, Lindsay Knoke, Han- nah Koepfinger, Jesse Landrum, Sa- vannah Lee, Cole Lipinski, Douglas Mendoza, Chtystian Mervilus, Jes- sica Miller, Noah Mills, Amy Minter, McKenna Mollner, Kyra Newman, Virginia Patterson, Christopher Pinto, Ciara Pryor, Frances Rehrer, Drew Reynolds, Laura Richardson, Kyle Shea, Zoe Simms, Kyle Sisson, Emily Sizemore, Gabrielle Strealy, Dominick Thomas, Mallory Tomp- kins, Miranda Wilmot, Gracelynn Wynn. A/B HONOR ROLL Rebecca Anderson, Ian Banker, Malaya Bigno, Macie Bitto, Britt- ney Bland, Mariyah Bland, Justin Blom, Cassia Broome, Joelene Bur- rows, Maria Cacciavillani, Morgan Carey, Benjamin Coffey, Johna- than Conaway, Noelle Cooper, Brooke Covington, Emma Croft, Makenna Davis, Veronica DeClute, HONORABLE MENTION Autumn Aguirre, Jaylyn An- derson, Juanisha Blunt, Trenay Clark, Jordyn Devers, Dashia Doggett, Jeremy Dougherty, Johnathon Ferguson, Kayleena Fike, Cyrus Fletcher, Benja- min Garrison, Cortez Harvey, Kayla Devlin, Romeo Djan, Mor- gan Elder, Cameron Flood, Corinne French, Michael Gerberry, Sarah Grossen, Michael Habgood, Kris- tin Halter, Jamin Hazelaar, Haley Heflin, Aric Hennessey, Conner Herndon, Halley Houston, Darin Hughes Jr., Tyler Johnson, Tiffany Juarez, Christian Kim, Christo- pher Klopp, Drew Knott, Richard Knott, Brittany Krtanjek, Tierney Kunstmann, Emily Lambert, Regan Lenzi, Sarah Leonard, Jackson Lud- wig, Carson Marshall, Kevin Miller, Madison Morgan, Zach Moses, Jus- tin Murphy, David Nguyen, Rachel O'Connor, John Olszewski, Hunter Padgett, Joshua Pallotti, Olivia Pep- in, Dylan Phipps, Sarah Riggin, Tay- lor Sabo, Morgan Segars, Kather- ine Settle, Michael Sharp, Yasmeen Smith, Amber Spuchesi, Emily Swa- rens, Jordan Teaford, Rock Thomas, Grace Thorsen, Edward Tidwell, Ju- liet Truslow, William Veazey, Victo- ria Villoch, Todd Wahlquist, Markal Washington, Jonathon Watson, Sydney Welles, Zachariah Wheeler, Garrett White, Jarin Wildman, Na- thaniel Wilson, Aubrey Wingeart. HONORABLE MENTION Katrina Anderson, Shelby Baum- er, Joshua Beaulieu, Samuel Benson, Shakyra Campbell, Deshae Carter, Samuel Citro, Aiyanna Cooper, Tay- lor Dasher, Carson Gray, Allyson Hall, Anthony Hankins, Anthony Jenkins, Kayla Kroft, Ke'Ara Lucas, Kimberly Marshall, Emma Morrow, Sophia Pancaro, Brittney Peyton, Michelle Pham, Johnathan Price, Collin Raich, Cameron Ridgell, Ryan Rorrer, Joseph Rothenberger, Jeremy Saunders, Lindsey Seitz, Grant Shelkey, Tyger T ressler, Jes- sica Vazquez. Notice of Non-Discriminatory Policy PF.,flC| CHRISTIfiH PRESCHOOl, Admits Students of any Race, Color, Or National Or Ethnic Origin To All The Rights, Privileges, Programs, And Activities Generally Accorded Or Made Available To Students At the School. It Does Not Discriminate On the Basis of Race, Color, Or National Or Ethnic Origin In Administration Of Its Educational Policies, Admissions Policies, Scholarship Programs, And Athletic And Other School-Administered Programs. NOW Registering for the 2013-2014 School Year, which begins in September 2013 (540) 775-PLAY (7529) 5590 Kings Hwy. (Rt. 3) P.O. Box 298 King George, VA 22485 (located 4 miles west of King George County Courthouse)